Friday, September 28, 2007

A big week of little things

There's something not altogether right about how fast a week goes anymore. It was a good week, though I'm not sure it makes for much of a story. Aside from being noticed on my runs, there isn't a huge amount of news, per se.

I'm sure you don't want to hear about two of the many reasons I should not be allowed to go into Target. Or maybe you do? (Seriously, what is it with that place?) But yes, I will buy shoes at Target or Wal-mart or Bloomingdales if they called to me as much as those did.

Probably the biggest breakthrough of the week is something in school started "clicking" as they say. I went from holy crap I will never understand any of this to holy crap I get it and thank you, Heaven and Earth, there is some hope! And that's probably what I missed most about school, those moments when you can actually see yourself learning- you feel as if you're actually a witness to something. In this case, it felt like witnessing a miracle. Of course, if you'd have asked my college-aged self what I'd miss most about school a decade(ish) later, she would have said beer. Silly girl, she had no idea how twenty-almost-eight would feel.

Yeah, I'm turning twenty-eight soon. I have to say, it feels good. I can't say that I feel much different, and since I still find time to act like I'm twenty, I guess there's good reason for that. Can't very well say you're old when you're running around your childhood front yard in your bare feet with a one-year-old on your shoulders. Okay, fine, that's not the only way I act like I'm twenty. There is still a beer here and there, too.

Having always been sort of obsessed with balance, however, I can say I see more of my ability to appreciate it now. Or maybe it's just the fact that I've learned to accept some things more than I used to. Either way, that part does feel better. Which is good, because everything else seems to hurt just a little more than I ever remember it hurting before.

Okay, I'm all over the place so I'm going to stop. Enjoy your weekend.

Oh yeah, I'm going to cut my hair.


justacoolcat said...

A new hair cut. Do tell.

PS, I have no idea where you get your energy.

Danielle said...

Oh, you'll have to post pictures of the new do...

I am one that should not be allowed in Target either. I love wandering all the aisles, you just never know when you might find you just can't live without the 400 thread count egyptian cotton sheets (and have to pick up another set cause they are on price markdown!) or the great clearance deal on the hand blown wine glasses...or Wimbeldon is only $4.88...yeah...I know that feeling well! (none of those were actual purchases of course! :)

runliarun said...

A new haircut is like a new life (for a little while). Men do not get this.

Nicole said...

Can't wait to see the new do.

And glad to hear school is going well.

Jen said...

Hope you have a great weekend and keep enjoying the clicking!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

There's nothing finer than that Eureka moment. I wish they came along more often though.

Backofpack said...

Did anyone else hear the clicking? If so, you might need to get it checked out - you may have torn some cartliage in your brain! Seriously, congrats on the breakthrough. That's a great feeling and a great accomplishment.

Be sure to post a picture of the new hair!

brookem said...

can't wait to hear about the new do' (and see pictures please!).

i LOVE target. love it.

also, congrats about the clicking!

Database Diva said...

I have many, many pairs of shoes, and some of them came from Target. I can spend hours wandering through Target on days when I have hours to spend!

Appletini said...

I LOVE that feeling of "holy crap....I got it!"

I will be getting a new haircut soon too!

brandy said...

Ahh, the 'clicking' is always a good feeling! Way to go! As for the hair, I'm excited to hear more about it. I think it might be a 'fall thing' but I'm thinkng about new hair too. Good luck with yours!

Sizzle said...

it must have been a target kind of weekend. that's the third blog post i've come across mentioning that mecca. :)

Robb said...

You're brilliant! You're busy...and, I'm late to check in as usual.

When in the USA, I target TARGET. My wife bought a pile of swimsuits at TARGET during our bizarre tour last winter.

Hey, have a great week. HOLLA.

Caroline said...

hello! i was just checking one of my old blogs and stumbled on your account; i had the old blog called "unspoken muffles."

if you'd still like to keep up, i've got a new one and i'd love to keep up with your blog as well!

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