Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Socks Also Match

I wake up in the morning, walk ten feet and run into a door. A door that's not usually closed. I stumble into the bathroom, step into the shower and something squeaks under my foot. There's nothing on the coffee table, the remote to the T.V. is no where to be found and there are smells that scream pureed coming from inside the refrigerator.

My house has been transformed. It's happened before, yes, with the toys and what can only be described as mountains of baby equipment everywhere. But he's mobile this time. He's everywhere, you can't stop him. And so you move everything out of his path. His path of destruction.

It's good for me, I think, mixing up my routine. It's teaching me you can to go bed without everything in it's place. It's teaching me that a shredded magazine is not the worst thing in the world. It's teaching me that whenever you have a child in your house that eats, it is best to also have a dog. She has never been happier, the dog. She's taken right to her post under the high chair like a fish to water. When I try to get her to move, so I can pick up my nephew and shake the crumbs off, the dog looks at me like I'm ripping her from the place she was meant to be. If she could talk, she'd say something like "please, don't make me move. Gazing up at the base of this highchair is the one thing in life I'm actually good at doing!"

It always amazes me how small changes have the power to completely redefine our priorities. I normally manage to leave the house in the morning awake, fed and even accessorized. I turn the music up, make some toaster waffles and head out the door proud that I have remembered to wear earrings and cute shoes. This morning, I left with wet hair, tripped over some sort of rolling, spinning, noise-making contraption and walked into Starbucks looking like I'd forgotten the ever important part of waking up that involves opening one's eyes. And this is not even the morning after a night of babysitting, this is just how good I am at having a change in routine.

The best part, though, is that I think I've realized a little bit of what gets a parent through. Last night, as my sister and nephew were leaving to spend an evening with friends, he reached out for me and said "aaagggguuuiieee." Translation: I don't want to leave my favorite Auntie, give me back to her now or I will scream. Sure, there's no way to prove this but spend two minutes with that baby's head on your shoulder and you'll know there's no way I could be wrong.


e.b. said...

the best part too is that he is just a nephew - you can enjoy all the time and cuteness but know that they are just guests and your pristine living conditions will return soon.

Backofpack said...

I wonder who is happier - you or the dog? Has he "cleaned" the baby's face yet?

You are such a good Aunt - a happy, positive attitude and an ability to take joy in things that you could let drive you nuts. He's a lucky little boy!

Runner Girl FL said...

Sometimes it's fun to shake things ups a bit. Glad you are enjoying it even if you aren't getting enough sleep.

Bre said...

This post was just terrific!

My dog is never quite as happy as when the cousins are wandering around with their goldfish crackers or cheerios. When they leave the house, she sits by the front door and whines for a good hour!

Danielle said...

Change does freak me out!! I'd have issues adjusting to the not having everything in place when I go to bed (well, it's not always in place, part of my getting to work a bit late some days is that I then clean up in the morning).

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What on earth is your poor dog going to do when your nephew eventually leaves? You may have to consider renting a baby for a while, or perhaps just become a sloppier eater yourself. At least until the dog gets over the separation.

Joe said...

> the remote to the T.V.
> is no where to be found

Call 911! (I freak out when the "god stick" goes missing.)

> I think I've realized a little bit
> of what gets a parent through.

Indeed. Having a child is completely different than not having a child. There are two main time periods in my life: the time before my son was born and the time after my son was born. Nothing was ever the same again after he arrived. :-)

Celina said...

Ha ha!! What a topsy-turvy time you're having!! I've never had a kid visit me (except my nephew with his parents when he was 1 month old), so I can't even imagine having all that STUFF everywhere! I mean, I have my hands full keeping up with all of R's crap! :)
It's such a great feeling, knowing that they really WANT to be with you! We don't see our nephew very often, but when we do, it only takes a few minutes for him to "remember" us and become our little "tail!" :)

Dawn said...

I'm not sure there's anything better than being an auntie. :) :)

Sizzle said...

auntie is my favorite role. hands down. that nephew of mine has me not caring about puke or poo. this is major! :)

egan said...

You're a great aunt for sharing these stories. I love how he reached out for you before leaving to visit their friends. He's got you wrapped, or maybe not.

GirlGoyle said...

I agree with the fact that he is a nephew which is the best part because at one point your shaken up routine will be back to it's normal self. So far however sounds like you are having fun.