Friday, April 27, 2007

Hey, good lookin'... whatcha got cookin' *


It is Friday morning and that means the brain is getting a break. With a week like this has been, though, the brain would be taking a break even if it were Tuesday afternoon.

I have been entirely too deep lately (both in blog posts and in other people's crap) so therefore, I propose I ask many a question and then go take a nice long nap while everyone else answers.

Are you game? Can you handle it? I think you can!

And if you can't, old pro-wrestlers will come to your door and pretend like they're selling cookies but then when you open the door they will throw you over their shoulders and take you to the county fair. To mutton bust. Blindfolded. In mud. (Thanks to JACC for the idea to threaten with senseless, random, impossible scenarios. It's good fun.)

Here are some questions I have for the Internet today:

1. What is this Thinking Blogger thing? What do you all think about it? (Yes, I have done my homework, I just want to know what all of you think.)

2. If someone were going to eliminate sugar from their diet, what are the most common things to be eliminated? (Other than white bread, pasta and other obviously white things- I've got that part down.)

3. If I were to tell you I was thinking of walk/running a marathon next weekend, what would you say? (I have run 10 miles at this point with no pain and barely any recovery aches/pains.)

4. Does anyone have a Garmin and is it really worth downloading your workouts onto your computer? I have had mine for nearly four months and have only used it for pacing, distance and heart rate monitoring. Do I really need to download and have graphs showing me how slow I am?

5. Does anyone have any new favorite recipes? Dinner, specifically. I am bored to the back teeth with stir fry. Seriously.

6. Does anyone have any secret money-saving tips that I don't know about? Save for the obvious like "skip the Starbucks" (because, yeah, I know) and stop buying things online all the freakin' time (it is not my fault JCrew has to have one of the best darn swim sales ever three weeks before I go on vacation, is it?).

Actually, the real reason for this question is for a class I'm giving (I know, me teaching people, crazy). I need ideas!

7. What are your favorite jeans? Or, gentlemen, your wife/girlfriend/sister/whatever's favorite jeans? I need new ones and I don't know where to go anymore. I know this can be different for everyone, but I still need help. Jeans shopping will always suck.

I'm going to stop at seven, I think. It's my lucky number. Also, we might get into really, really deep questions like what is the meaning of life and how do you trim the nails of a dog that becomes possessed by unnatural forces at the sight of a nail trimmer even though she has never been hurt by a nail trimmer?


*I might never get the chance to use this title so might as well do it now.


e.b. said...

I am only going to the answer the ones I feel like answering and really that I have any idea about, also because my brain is on Friday as well.

I have some good, healthy recipes, I will e-mail them to you in a few.

I have had great success using the Keep the Change with Bank of America. I saved like $500 last year and then they gave me $170 or so that they matched. Hello Free Money.

I love Citizens of Humanity and am currently sporting a pair of Joes Jeans. Pricey sure, but they make the butt look good.

Also - I take her to the vet so as to not incure one of those long Cruella D'evil nails in my eye!

justrun said...

e.b.- Thanks, thanks and thanks! :)
I love a girl that knows the importance of makin' the butt look good! :)

Sempre Libera said...

Mutton bust! Hahahaha. I grew up in Texas and I never saw anyone do that, though I did my share of chasing after goats during the rodeo :-)

As for your questions:

1. No idea what that is...
2. Do you mean processed sugar or all sugars? I'd imagine all sugars would be pretty near-impossible, and unless someone has a metabolic issue they need to control, I can't imagine why it would be useful.
3. I'd say you were nuts! Even Lance ran more miles (though not a lot more) and he still ended up with a stress fracture.
4. I'm a simple girl... I start and stop my watch, I log my miles, and that's about it.
5. I am the master of stir fry. :-)
6. Um, set a goal for what the saved money will be spent on (like a trip, or a car)? Or put it in a separate account and pretend like it doesn't exist. Keep a daily tally of all your expenses.
7. I've heard good things about for finding the right jeans for your body shape. I'm currently a big fan of trouser jeans. I've also realized that skinny jeans are not meant for runners.

Sizzle said...

1. Honestly, even though I participated, I think it's just one more meme kind of thing. I did like being able to point my readers in the direction of blogs I think deserve more readership though.

2. Hmm, funny you should ask! ;) Soda and juices are packed with sugar and lots of foods made with perservatives. . . And of course, desserts. I am a big fan of the sugar free ice cream that Dreyers makes. It's got A LOT less sugar and it actually tastes good!

3. I'd say- Have fun!

4. This question is lost on me.

5. Lately, I am all about the veggie tacos.

6. I enrolled in the Bank of America "Keep the Change" program where it rounds up the money I send using my ATM and puts it in a savings account AND they match that for the first three months.

7. Jeans and I have a troubled relationship.

justrun said...

SL- Hehe, I thought I was the master of stir fry!

I have done a marathon before- so it's not like I am totally new like Lance (not that there's ever a good time to compare myself to Lance).

I agree about the jeans! Oh boy, do I agree!

justrun said...

Sizzle- I knew you'd be good on the sugar thing! I don't drink soda, so that's good. I do, however, have a special relationship with dessert. :)

And veggie tacos? YUM!

Shawn said...

I'll just weigh in on number 5 with a recipe I created -- easy, savory, summery:

Shrimp, Bacon and Corn Quesadillas

12 slices bacon
1 ¼ pound cooked, shelled, deveined shrimp
12 small flour tortillas
1 14 oz can whole kernel corn (or 2 ears fresh corn, shucked, silked and boiled up to 3 minutes, cut from cob)
4-5 scallions, thinly sliced
3 cups grated Colby and/or Jack cheese
8 tablespoons olive oil, more as needed
Salt and pepper

To assemble quesadillas, place ¼ cup cheese in the middle of each tortilla, and evenly distribute bacon, shrimp, corn and scallions. Add salt and pepper to taste. Fold quesadillas and sauté in a skillet with 1 tablespoon olive oil over medium heat until tortilla is browned and cheese is melted, about 3 to 5 minutes per side. Cut finished quesadilla into three or four triangles. Add more olive oil to pan as needed to keep pan from becoming dry as you cook the next batch.

Serve with choice of salsa, sour cream, chimchurri, toasted walnuts, thinly sliced red onion and cilantro.

Serves four as a main course.

Joe said...

I'm not cooking anything but thank you for recognizing that I'm good looking.

1. Umm, Thinking Blogger? I dunno.

2. Eliminate fruit juice. Eat whole fruit instead.

3. Pardon me for saying this but are you crazy? Aren't you recovering from a bad knee injury? Didn't you just get some steroids injected into your patella? If I were you, I'd stay away from that marathon. Tell your pride to stick it where the sun don't shine. Stay home and heal some more instead. At your young age, there will be a zillion more marathons you can go in during your lifetime. Don't give in to FOMO (the Fear Of Missing Out). Just my two cents.

4. I bought my Garmin 305 about 6 weeks ago and I still haven't uploaded the data to my computer. For now, I'm very happy with just using it for pacing, distance and heart rate monitoring. I suppose I will eventually upload the data. Either way, it's about the best exercise gadget I have ever bought.

5. My wife cooks and I clean the dishes. Can't help you with recipes. Here's a hint though -- try some lentil recipes.

6. You can keep going to Starbucks. The secret is to ONLY buy drip coffee and skip the expensive lattes, frappucinos and the like. You get used to just drinking drip. And yes, stop the freakin' online buying. That shit is kryptonite for women. Aren't 10 pairs of high heeled shoes enough? Why do you need 11 pairs? Another tip is to eat lots of brown rice instead of potatoes, breads and pastas. Brown rice is cheap! For that matter, so are dry beans.

7. Hmn. I like good ol' Gap jeans. Fairly cheap and, IMHO, good looking.

Danielle said...

1. Without going and googling it, I have no idea

2. Why oh why would you do that? No desserts??? I did it for about 3 days and I know that I still got sugar. I'd say getting rid of all of it is almost impossible (think fruit, milk) but switching to only natural is probably good...I need to get rid of some of it. My hygentist was on me about my use of sugar the other day.

3. You're nuts!! But if you take it really, really slow...maybe...

4. I actually like having it uploaded only because you can then easily see all your splits (and it has a neat little map that shows where you ran, it's kind of fun!)

5. I will have to hunt it down but I know this chicken salsa thing that was quite good and really easy.

6. Do you order checks from the bank or in the mail? Big way to save money as they are much cheaper mail order (and prettier!).

7. I'm waiting to hear answers on this. I'm in desperate need too. I used to LOVE Express jeans but they are all way too low riding...when is that style going out? If you don't have a flat stomach, so not flattering! I have eliminated Gap, NY & Co (even though I loved a pair of denim capris I got there) and the new line of Express...I need to go trying some more. Target actually had some Levis that weren't too bad (I'm very, very fussy about the way they fit in the butt too!)

Bre said...

1. I'm not 100% sold on the originating website, but I like the idea of rewarding bloggers who inspire you.

2. Ask Sizz, she's a rockstar when it comes to that!

3. I would say that just so long as you feel up to it, you should go forit!

4. I had to google that one so... no.

5. Cooking? You have time for that? I'm quite jealous! Also, I'm a big time crafty/cooking blog hopper - maybe tag surf for some?

6. Whenever I buy something, I round up to the nearest dollar when entering it into my checkbook. It doesn't actually save me money, but it tricks me into thinking that there is less there. Also I always check "Want Not" before I go shopping in case Mir has some fabulous ideas!

7. Seven jeans. Period. I adore them because they make me look like I have a butt

Dawn said...

Shawn...those quesadillas sound awesome!!

Jeans! I've tried on all the $150 jeans and have come back to my trusty Levi's. They actually fit me (I have a small waist and booty, but xtra large legs) and they range in price from $60 - $90.

GirlGoyle said...

1. What is this Thinking Blogger thing? I don't have a clue. Never heard of it. I guess I haven't done my homework.

2. Humm...not sure what your diet is like but if you eliminate starches and all that is white from mine there isn't much sugar left in it unless it's a breezy summer day and I'm jonesing for ice cream. Oh Ugh. I'm screwed.

3. That if your marathon includes some walking and you aren't going to kill yourself doing it, then go for it. Just be careful and think of all the other marathons you don't want to miss out on by over doing this one.

4. No. Who has time for that? Sounds too anal. Just set yourself some goals and go for them without making it a life mission. AFter all you run also for fun. You are making it now sound like a job. Ugh.

5. I got plenty of quick and easy. What are you looking for?

6. Rule #1 I don't shop unless it's out of necessity. All money spent on horse. Therefore...that's the only tip I can give you, never buy a horse. :)

7. I go through jeans like people go through everything else. I use jeans for everything from work to riding. My tip is I purchase my jeans at TJ Maxx in the junior section. Believe it or not they fit and look good. In most cases they are hipper than adult pants and I never pay over $20 for designer jeans. Give it a shot.

As for the dog and the nail the dog on the beach or pavement will consume his nails or else let the groomer be the evil person.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

1. Thinking bloggers has never applied to me because I just blog about whatever crap happens to fall out of my head, but I certainly believe in telling people about blogs I enjoy.
2. Someone mentioned fruit juice and that is certainly warranted. Whole fruit of course has the added benefit of fibre.
3. I am not qualified to comment because I can barely get off this couch but more power to you!

Sorry, the rest I can be of no help with. 3 out of 7 ain't bad. It's not good either though.

Irene said...

Hi there. I've visited a few times and I thought I'd actually say something...

1) Thinking blogger... Someone gave me an "award" but the point is to pass it along to worthy bloggers... To me it's pointless because, before you know it, everyone will have a Thinking Blogger Award posted on their blog... I didn't think I should have one because I write like I talk...

2) From what I've heard, ALL things with refined sugar should be eliminated, but I think you can take it to what ever level you want. I hear the first week is tough, but after that it goes okay. I could never do that...

3) Go for it but run/walk with caution pay close attention to nutrition and carb loading. My husband rarely trains with me and can walk/run a marathon in about 6 hours. I don't think he's even put in 10 miles in a single training run, so you're already ahead of him.

4)No Garmin, but I have the Wireless Run Tracker (Bones in Motion) on my cell phone. I love it.

5)Mom's Chicken Enchiladas from the Eating For Life Book.

6)No real good money tips, other than putting a chunk into an account that you can't touch for a couple of years, like a CD or money marked account.

7) Jeans. Sevens fit me well, but I can't afford them so I only have one of those, and a couple of off brands that I never heard of, but they were cheap. Yes. Jeans shopping sucks, which is why I like yoga pants...

justrun said...

Shawn- You must know me or something- 12 slices of bacon? Sounds perfect. Thank you!

Joe- I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with a Garmin use defficiency. :) And yes, I am, in fact, crazy. :)

Danielle- Yeah,I don't think I can really do the no sugar thing. I am a chai addict so that just won't work- the sugar free chai is just not as good. Also, chicken salsa? I am very much looking forward to that!

Bre- I love that you get the butt thing. Mine is definitely there, but it's all in the framing, you know? :)

Dawn- I've actually thought about trying the Levi's again. They can't be all bad, I wore them throughout highschool quite easliy.

GG- I'll never say never, but I probably won't own a horse. I will likely have a boat and we all know that's pretty much the same thing, money-dumping wise. :)

Barb- I feel like I do the same thing. Not a lot of thinkin' here.

Irene- Thanks for visiting. Something about that enchilada recipe sounds great! And thanks for mentioning the carb load before the marathon. Other than the night before, that might not be something I'm willing to think about all this week.

Orhan Kahn said...

# 1 - I see meme's come and go. I got 'tagged' twice with the thinker blog thing. I'm still kind of confused.

# 2 - Refined sugar, natural carb-sugar or all sugar? Refined sugar is easy to avoid, really.

# 3 - Just do it. (I'd like to thank my mother and my sponsor, Nike)

# 4 - What the hell is a Garmin? Let me Google this.. woah. That a bit excessive.

# 5 - It's a shame you don't have access to Kangaroo meat as easily as I do. Here in Sydney it is cheap and incredibly healthy for you. It's just as good as eating fish, minus the Omega fatty acids. I like to fry up some Kangroo meat from time to time with grilled firm-tofu. I dip that in a chili sauce I make combing Thai chili sauce, peanut oil, soy & oyster sauce. Yum! Yum!

# 6 - Stop smoking crack. You'll see less checks bounce. Seriously though, if you want to save money you can and you will. The most obvious tips are usually the best.

# 7 - I don't do jeans.

Anonymous said...

I love answering questions! So here is my two cents worth.
1. I have no idea what you are talking about.

2. All sugar? Because you know fruit, yogurt, and some veggies have sugar content.

3. I would say better you than me. But people show up and run when they have never trained so just be careful if you go.

4. No Garmin here - I'm not that sophisticated.

5. I love or both have great recipes. On epicurious you can put in one ingredient and gives you a ton of options.

6. Since I've been engaged every week I've put 100 dollars in a jar - I now have 3000 for our trip.

7. I have j.crew and banana republic jeans. But, I hear It jeans are suppose to be great.

Anonymous said...


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skinnylittleblonde said...

Hmmm...I can answer #7.
Levis...they about 25 bucks here & they have so many different styles. They are just tried & true to me.