Sunday, February 25, 2007

When everything starts reminding you of Summer

Yeah, it's no secret, I'm ready for Summer. Dying for it to get here, actually, which became quite apparent to me when I was cooking this weekend and started having memories of last summer. Food memories, which explains the asparagus. I haven't had asparagus since last summer which is not really significant except I'm reaching for just about anything I can right now.

Along with the asparagus, I also made turkey meatballs and whole wheat pasta with chipotle cream sauce made from this recipe. If I may be demanding for a moment, TRY THIS SAUCE. Be ye not afraid of sautee and puree, it's not difficult and it's entirely worth it . So worth it, in fact, that it was used on both the pasta and the aspargus and while I won't go so far as to call myself any sort of supercook, there were certainly no complaints from the eaters.

Anyway, so Summer. Yeah, I'm ready. And anything that reminds me of Summer, or makes me feel that it's near is welcome, anytime. (Hear that, 40 m.p.h. windgusts? You are NOT welcome.) As the wind gusted on Saturday, bellies full of good food, I sat down to go through some 2006 travel photos. I'm finally getting around to organizing them into some sort of non-digital format. I'm nothing if not eventual, I tell you.

The photos of a Vancouver trip seemed to be better than I'd remembered. It was such a whirlwind trip of quick sight seeing and driving, that I'd nearly forgotten the days I was able to soak up everything around me. In particular, I remember feeling very summery during a visit to Granville Island Market.

On a sunny day, under a very pretty Summer sky, we pedaled borrowed mountain bikes over to the ferry, hopped on and rode across the water to the market.

I know it's really not going to be a shock to see that I had to take pictures of everything. But really, how much better does food look and taste when you're in some far off place, padding around in sandals in warm weather with a light ocean breeze? A lot better, I think.

The fruit was all particularly beautiful. It's possible it might have been sweeter than normal fruit, too. Or maybe it was just the entire day.

I'm also nothing if not a sucker for foods arranged in a manner pleasing to the eye, especially vegetables. Those tomatoes? Went on some burgers later that were the kind of burger that makes you want to unbotton your pants so you can eat that one last bite. Of course, that might also be the way we grilled them outside and and ate them on the patio, while drinking homemade beer.

Also, the bread. Oh my Heaven and Earth, the bread! I think, if I were to allow myself, I could go on for a good eight to ten paragraphs easily about my love for bread. I will never, ever go on a no carb diet. Never. And if you were to take bread away from me, well there would be a lot of hostility. Let's just leave it at that.

Let's not forget dessert. Mass quantities of reasonably priced, beautifully arranged desserts is about all I needed to get down on one knee (okay, two) right there and ask the woman behind the case to please, marry me and if she wasn't the baker could she please find him or her so that I might marry him/her, handcuff them to me, and drag them back across the border and home to Colorado. Because then, I might be happy forever.
Thank goodness we'd biked twenty miles there and back and I was able to a) come down off my high and b) get it out of my head that marrying someone who would get up at 3:00 a.m. to make cheesecake for breakfast would actually be the answer to all my prayers.

We all know that is silly. They would also have to have a boat.


Backofpack said...

Now, you know, asking someone to be perfect is just not fair. They are only human after you might have to choose...baker or sailor. One or the other...the baker, now the baker could comfort you all year round - light and airy shortcakes and ice creams in the summer, warm fruit crisps and pies in the winter. The sailor could take you away to tropical isles where the fruit is heavy and sweet and eaten fresh off the tree. See, neither is perfect, yet both would work. Good, huh?

skinnylittleblonde said...

Oh, I can definitely see signs of summer coming & like you, cannot wait! Even though they are technically a weed, I saw dandelions popping up yesterday while on a bike ride...another sign summer is on its way! Yay!

Sempre Libera said...

Those pictures - yum!

GirlGoyle said...

Someone that gets up at 3Am to make you cheese cake and ALSO has a boat does sound pretty damn close to perfect. And gee thanks for the addictive summer blues. I could almost taste it yesterday as stuck on the Travel channel all I could do was oogle at the people enjoying a carribean cruise. Made me want to go look up last minute deals to Jamaica or St. Marteen. AAAAHHH....did someone say boat?

Bre said...

This morning, after clearing the snow off of my car again I was ready to throw a temper tantrum and demand SUMMER COME BACK NOW! It's not FAIR! I don't like you anymore, Winter! You're mean!

Think it would work?

Also, all of those food pictures made me a bit hungry - yum!

Sizzle said...

i'm just going to pretend those delicious looking cupcakes aren't there and think about cherries. mmmm, i love cherries!

e.b. said...

I have been in summer mode, but that is explained by the temps here. But I am aching for a sunburn and sand.

Danielle said...

Oh, those desserts look so fabulous...I'm more than ready for Summer...well, OK, spring. I could so go for spring right now!!

runliarun said...

You must be hungry. Now I am hungry. My favorite food in the whole world is bread and butter. The exquisite heartiness, richness, integrity, and simplicity of it.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

First my sister goes to Jamaica, now you post pictures of summer food and the bright blue sky of BC, and I'm all sick of winter and sick of wanting to stay in bed all day instead of driving through snow-choked streets to work.

I really must try that chipotle cream sauce recipe (but applesauce? what?) as my neighbourhood restaurant used to make a salad with a chipotle ranch dressing that was the best thing in the world, and I've been searching for something similar ever since they took it off the menu - the bastards.

egan said...

I just want to get out and run too. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm a bit sick of the rain. Just give us a few dry weekends is all I ask.

Oh, I found my way here via Sizzle's blog. Have a good night fellow runner.

justacoolcat said...

I suppose after all of the island pics I've posted I have this coming, but wow am I jonesin' for some warm weather.

The countdown is now around a month which makes it even worse.

justrun said...

Michelle- Hmmmm... I don't know. Seeing as I currently know neither, I'll just pretend. :)

Skinny- Dandelions? Fantastic!

Sempre- I know, YUM.

GG- I knew you'd understand.

Bre- I know- it's gotten way past old!

Sizzle- And apples, I love apples with cinnamon!

eb- Me too! Isn't that silly yet completely sane at the same time? :)

Danielle- I know, I know. Maybe if we all wish together?!

Lia- I don't know as I've ever heard b&b described better!

Barb- Two words: TRY IT! Yes, even the applesauce.

Egan- Seriously. Enough of freezing for every run already!
Thanks for visiting!

JACC- No doubt, it's getting bad. And you're on a month countdown? I am SO more than jealous.

Robb said...

There is no more summer-like place than Granville Island. I would spend every lunch hour in the market and out on the quay soaking up the sunshine. You've captured it all as I remember it. Thanks.

singleton said...

"get it out of my head that marrying someone who would get up at 3:00 a.m. to make cheesecake for breakfast would actually be the answer to all my prayers"

Are you kidding me? That would be a dream come true.....

tixxx said...

I somehow got linked to your blog, actually for the running theme, and was very pleasantly surprised to find your photos of my stomping grounds, literally. I must run sea wall in and around Granville Island three or four times a week. You made me remember not to take for granted what wonderfully fresh veggies and other things you can get there. I must get down there for some shopping too. I'll think of your excellent photos to compare with what's there this time of year... tx !