Thursday, February 22, 2007

I Will Need the Built-In Snot Wipers*

I think tomorrow might be the day. The day I run again, that is. Since getting this cold five days ago, I've barely been able to hold my head upright, much less propel my entire body at anything that might be considered a rate of speed.

I haven't run since Sunday, when I pushed a jogger stroller and baby weighing a good eight-hundred pounds (okay, maybe forty) up and down the hills of La Crescenta, California. I don't know if you've ever been to that area of the country but summing up the terrain is pretty simple: steep uphill, steep downhill. Those are the only two options. You are either working your calves and hamstrings (and your behind, ahem!) or your shins and quads. To death.

I am not kidding, the next day after my first run on those hills I was more sore than after any race I've ever done. After any 20 miler, after any weight training session, ever. Sad, isn't it? And frightening, too (to me, anyway). There is a silver lining, though, and one I didn't think would come. Certainly not from hill work, anyway. My knee feels better and stronger than it has in months.

I suppose it all makes sense. It's logical that working those muscles out on a couple runs, albeit small in mileage but so very, very huge in incline, might actually encourage those muscles to be stronger. I just didn't think I was ready, but I've been wrong before.

And so tomorrow is the day. Although it's still a little tough to breathe, I'll get through it. I will pound the pavement (read: trail; because I am no dummy, I want my knee to stay good) and I am sure it will be a struggle but if I come out of the entire thing with no pain and both lungs intact, I'll consider it a success.

* Also known around here as gloves.


Anonymous said...

The mountain cedar is pollinating here so the nasal goo was flowing freely tonight. But since it was 65 degrees I had to use the tail of my shirt.

Danielle said...

My nose is running all the time when running in the cold anyway, whether having a cold or not, but I can tell you, when I have a cold, I still run and I feel sooo much better running than I do just sitting at home feeling miserable, it helps clear the head more.

Sempre Libera said...

Only two things I dislike about winter running are frozen fingers and the inevitable runny nose. Good luck!

justrun said...

Craig- You said nasal goo. Hehe. And ew. :)

Danielle- I'm not opposed to running while sick, but the pounding headache and fever is what really turned me off. I'm hoping my run today will get rid of much mucus. Oh the things that go on in this blog!

SL- I agree! And thanks for the luck!

Sizzle said...

i bet getting in a run will make you feel better. :)

justacoolcat said...

Sounds alot like training around my house. Go up big hill, go down big hill.

I hope you shake that cold.