Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How I Operate*

"So what's your pick for the Super Bowl?"

"Colts. All the way."

"Really? Not the Bears?"


"Don't you think they deserve it after sucking for so long."

"Didn't really consider that."

"Then why the Colts?"

"Because once, at the airport, I ran into Peyton Manning. Literally ran into him."


"He stepped on my toe- I was wearing flip flops- and apologized profusely. I didn't know who it was until he was already gone**."

"So what? A guy is polite and it's automatically 'go Colts' ?"

"Yes, go Colts!"

* I've been informed that a more "hip" way to say this is "How I Roll." However, I've been accused of being many things and hip generally isn't one of them. 'Round these parts, we operate.

**I've known who Peyton Manning is since the Tennessee days, of course. But in an airport, I'm less observant of the people around me, and more so trying to not forget anything in security. Also, this was years ago before Peyton was the most-loved commercial good ol' boy/hero in the NFL. Not to say I don't find the boy attractive, 'cause I do.


e.b. said...

Seems perfectly logical to me. Plus I am hating the Bears right now, so I am good with that reasoning.

Sizzle said...

that's how i'd decide. totally makes sense.

Runner Girl FL said...

Lots of people are rooting for the Colts because Dungy and Manning are just good guys

Not to mention that Payton is HOT!!

Works for me!!

Celina said...

BLECH! Although somewhat "logical," I'd root for ANY team that the Mannings do NOT play for! (They're from our rival school & have a bit of a "reputation" around here!) But, since the Saints (the closest thing I have to a "home team") were beat by the Bears, I won't root for them, either! Guess I won't be watching this Superbowl! :)

Danielle said...

Makes sense...someone of that level taking the time to make sure to apologize, heck, most "normal" people don't say sorry and might even look at you like it was your fault...My sister's boyfriend is from IN so that means I have to cheer for the Bears right?? Just to be difficult. I don't know who I like actually, I just want to see a good game.

Backofpack said...

I don't like football, and worse, don't know who Peyton Manning is. On the other hand, it makes perfect sense to me that you would go for his team - you've got a personal connection in a way.

Sister Buckle said...

I watched the Super Bowl once as I heard the advertisements were rad but they cut them out due to international copyright!

justacoolcat said...

I always hate the Bears and I've wanted Peyton to get a ring for the last few years. Plus, Dungy was one of my favorite Vikings coaches ever.

GirlGoyle said...

Blach...they beat the Patriots so at this point to me it makes no difference who wins.

Dawn said...

Wow, you find Peyton attractive huh? You and I could totally go out, because we'd never fight over guys!! :)

Go Colts!

justrun said...

eb- I knew you'd understand.

Sizzle- you too!

RGF- Yup, same page!

Celina- a commercial only super bowl? That would save a ton of time!

Danielle- No way, go for the Colts!

BoP- Yeah, especially my toe. :)

SB- That is so disappointing. You need to come to the US and watch.

JACC- Yes, Dungy, I think, has an even better case than Manning for winning the thing.

GG- The Pats totally had their chance. Sorry, but they did.

Dawn- I do, but the spectrum is very broad. I'm weird like that.

runliarun said...

What did your toe think about Peyton Manning? Just kidding.

Have to admit I don't know who the guy is and could not recognize him if you'd pay me.

But I can understand your reasoning, although there's none, he, he. There's a personal connection, a little bit of an impulsive allegiance, and those bring color in our lives.

Anonymous said...

love the story! If they weren't playing the Bears and/or Lovie I would cheer for the colts. I met Lovie when he was the DC for the RAMs in St. Louis and also the nicest guy ever!

Bre said...

Considering I generally decide based on uniform colors or ... to be utterly cliche... tight ends (rim shot!), it seems logical to me!

Also, I plan on emailing you about my camera, I swear... just as soon as my darlings stop being idiots and give me a moment's peace!