Monday, January 15, 2007

Breaking Rules in Winter

With all this snow going on, a runner can get a little restless. Luckily, we had a high of something like 18 (F) today, so I planned the day around running at the hottest point possible. Hottest? Well, anyway, I wanted to go out and run.
Admittedly, I am breaking the "rules" a little. Right now, I am supposed to run just one day per week and make nice with the elliptical machine every other day. I ran six miles on the treadmill at the gym yesterday, so today should have been either a) a rest day or b) elliptical day. I was okay with neither. You see, though, I'm lazy, in an active sort of way. Why go to the gym- which would involve driving three miles and combing my hair- when I could step right out the front door and go? I know, right?!
So, with no pain in my knee (PT is working, I'm a believer!) and enough clothes on to add a good ten pounds, I was out the door. The trails, sidewalks and streets are still covered in snow and ice. Thanks, however, to Yaktrax, my feet didn't move anywhere I didn't want them to. It was four miles of loveliness in the world of running. For most of the run, I was able to run right down the middle of the road, my most favorite way to run. What? I like to pretend I own the road. Like that is a surprise to anyone.
I didn't want to stop, I really didn't, but I knew I should. I knew I would want to run another day and therefore, would have to hold back on this day. Self-control, who knew. Besides, I had an ambitious winter soup recipe waiting for me at home.

I say ambitious because, well, I don't make soup. I open cans, and I heat in a sauce pan. I don't make it. I particularly don't puree and combine. But I did today. And boy, oh boy, was it worth it. I broke some recipe rules, too, which is always pushing it because, as you saw, I don't make things. A skipping of the shallots and an adding of some sauteed red peppers just "for color" as my grandma would say, led to a soup experience. Yes, experience. Okay, maybe it was just a combination of having trodded through the snow, labored over a food processor and stove, and fabulous ingredients but still, it was so good! And so easy, which should be encouraging and make me want to try more recipes but oddly, I just want more soup.


Backofpack said...

The soup sounds good except for that puree part. That always puts me off - I don't like to have to do those extra steps.

And wow! A picture of you! It's great running in the snow isn't it? I'm so glad your pt is working.

GirlGoyle said...

Wow a picture is what I have to say too! And frankly after getting cold to the core running in the snow, there is nothing better than soup. Though you are brave to dare run the icy roads with a bad knee even with the right gear. You never know what a slip could do. Yikes!

justrun said...

BoP- You know, I thought I'd hate the puree part and it would be a pain but it wasn't really that bad. I hate cleaning up, though. I want someone else to do that.

GG- I was careful and stayed on snowpack, mostly. Walked over the icy spots, okay? :-)

And to both: I know, this makes twice I've posted my own picture. Weird. But I look like a running robber, so I had to take a pic. :)

Danielle said...

Ah isn't it fun being all bundled up and I hear you on heading to the gym. Hey, 18 isn't bad anymore actually, if it's not windy that is, that's about what it was when I finished my run on Sunday. I think I'm probably going to have to break down and get some yaktrax...I started to buy some last year, they were out of my size, then I banned running outside in cold, but now I'm doing it again and have enough stuff to keep me warm now too, and I did it last night and it was tough on the fresh new snow we had...nothing like slipping and sliding (OK, I was careful and slow enough to avoid the sliding, but still!!).

e.b. said...

I have been thinking about that soup since I saw you posted it this morning. I want it for lunch. Yes, yes, it is 80 here but it just looks good.

Runner Girl FL said...

I'm with eb. I want the soup too, even though it is warm!!

justacoolcat said...

I'm not even hurt and I didn't get on my bike this weekend.
Your pic reminds me of a place I worked a bunch of years back. When I biked in the winter I'd wear a full face mask. Many of the programmers were Chinese and my friend Robin loved to say "Killa! Killa!" .

Sizzle said...

that soup looks wicked good!

justrun said...

Danielle- They are worth the +/- $30 in my opinion. And I was worried they'd wear out if I had to go on road or cement at all, but they show no wear at all really.

e.b.- It is good- make it! :)

RGF- You too!

JACC- Funny, 'cause I sort of felt that way. Hmmm.

Sizzle- It fo sho was. :)

adam said...

That soup looks pretty good but if it was 18 deg. here and I'd just been running I would want drop in something that used to walk! (chicken pieces?) Sorry, can't help it if I'm a carnivore.

I've been tempted to get yaktrax but I've always thought they would never get any use! This winter and your post are starting to change my mind. Ran a 50k last weekend and nearly threw out my back on the ice!

We have had a bit of snow and cold here, like you in CO, but unfortunately not much of that brilliant sunshine! (nice photo) I envy the fact that you get to wear sunglasses!!

justrun said...

Oh, Adam, don't worry- I also baked salmon!

And yes, get the yaktrax- well worth the $$.