Tuesday, December 05, 2006


A group of my running friends and I are talking while listening to a friend's music. He was in a band in the 80's, he wrote several songs, which we all listen to now. I'm always joking about how if it weren't for running, we'd likely never have met. We're all often joking about that, actually. Sometimes, when we're all talking and not running, this is abundantly clear.

Me: Wow, J, this is good stuff. Nice guitar in this one.

A: Yeah, I like it.

H: I'd like to rock out to this on the way to work.

Me: Listen to your voice, holy crap!

J: Yeah, I wrote all kinds of this hard stuff back then.

S: Burn me some copies, okay?

J: Sure, no problem.

O: You know this is really awesome. Thanks for letting us listen. You know, the only thing that's missing?

J and group: What?

O: Banjo.


Bre said...

Is that like cowbell? Haha!

Runner Girl FL said...

Banjo?!?! That is hysterical!! Sometimes you have to wonder where we find these people!!

I have found that often they are the ones you know are always your friend and nither of you care if there is a good reason for it.

adam said...

I have to agree with your friends. A lot of songs would be better with some banjo. In rare instances, the cowbell is absolutely necessary! (like in the SNL skit)

I have to agree with your observation. Sometimes I can't believe I have friends who don't appreciate a good banjo tune!

justrun said...

Bre- defnitely, but more diverse!

RGF- I know, it's great isn't it? And I love every one of them!

Adam- haha! I know, it's just such a fun instrument! ;)

justacoolcat said...

So there was a tuba.

Sister Buckle said...

Wow! That sounds great! How weird - to be running to the music written by the person running beside you.

Bit like how the other day the waiter dude said his band was having trouble remembering their songs after not practising for ages and I offered to lend him my copy of his album.

That was weird.