Friday, November 10, 2006

I might wake up, and then take a nap.

I'm sitting at home today, being lazy, reaping the benefits of working for a semi-governmental organization. I just had some breakfast, chatted on the phone with a friend (who gets to stay home every day- no fair. Well there's that whole child-rearing thing but whatever) and did some dishes.

I'm going to head to a friend's house soon to work on craft projects that we then are going to sell for profit, wish us luck. It is very creative and innovative, but we are not sure, like with any new business, that the market is going to jump all over it. We have some serious interest, but I'm not sure that's enough. Also, I'm not a millionaire and I can't afford to fund this forever. Hopefully, the profit fairies will smile upon us. If not, that's okay. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I have this optimistic attitude thanks to no knee pain. Yes, to all of you that told me not to jump to conclusions, you might have been right. Might. Seriously though, I am all kinds of good at not panicking until it comes to my body and/or my abilities. Then, I go into freak out, spaz out, break down mode which, thank heavens, is only temporary. So it's either bad day or manic, you decide.

Speaking of deciding, I love how everyone (okay, not everyone) was a political blogger this week. It's refreshing to know that people do care to educate themselves on their ballot issues. For instance, I got a call from my 19 year old cousin who said that he got to vote for the first time and was disappointed that every thing he voted for didn't pass. Ah yes, that is the way of democracy, son.

I wasn't feeling quite so civil in Wash Park last night, though. After meeting a friend for dinner, I came back to my car to find a young parking cop writing me a parking ticket. "Wait, wait!" I said. "Sorry, if you were two minutes earlier, I wouldn't have written the ticket." "But I'm not in a No Parking Zone," I said. "Your car is about a foot past the sign," he said. Seriously, 20 year-old parking cop on a power trip. Cool. It's a good thing the dinner and wine were good.

I'm off to watch the news and drink some tea. Staying home rocks.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure the words jealous clearly capture my emotion. Enjoy your veterans day at home.

justacoolcat said...

A day off? You?

Enjoy it to the max.

Anonymous said...

Are you kiddig? One foot over and you show up to move it!! Cretin!!

Bre said...

I want your life right now. :-P

Boo to jerky cops - was he at least pretty to look at?

Danielle said...

Yeah, gotta love the cops on a power trip...that sucks about the ticket.

backofpack said...

Enjoy the day at home - they are probably too few and far between. What a change for me this year - me, who has been doing the part-time stay-at-home Mom thing for 19 years to have to work today. Very different!

Sizzle said...

ooh! i want to know what the crafty thing is...i've been thinking of undertaking something similar. or we can just talk in code. that'd be cool!

hope your weekend is as relaxing as your friday off. :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, secret creative side projects... Very interesting.

Nicole said...

I'm jealous of your day off - i hope it was a good one and that the craft projects were fun.