Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sixteen and Twenty-seven

There's nothing easy about running sixteen miles. Except for seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and, well, all that follow. This particular sixteen had a few other tricks up it's sleeve, such as 28 degrees with wind and an I'm-going-to-pick-you-up-at-ten-thirty-be-ready call from my mother. Translation: wear layers and hurry.

Miles one through ten passed like any other. I got into some music, enjoyed the rising sun and remembered how the benefit of cold weather is that you have to wear gloves and therefore, have built-in snot and sweat wipers. How convenient. Then, mile eleven. I started to feel the cold. My legs started to feel tired. Really, really tired. I stopped to walk a little, that helped some. Same thing in mile twelve, and thirteen. Walked twice in mile fourteen, once in mile fifteen and the majority of mile sixteen. All in all, the run took about twenty minutes longer than I'd hoped. But, the sixteen miles were covered. I'm not entirely sure how to look at it. Not a complete failure, but not a complete success. Something in between, something unsure.

Somewhere in this uncertain run, I had a chance to think about today, this last day of twenty-six. I thought of the seasons, the travel, the work, the friends; all of it. It was a year of saying goodbye at times, and welcoming the new. It was a year of many firsts, and a few lasts. A year of learning and change and yet, a year of becoming better at being me; I did twenty-six pretty well, I think. Birthdays are so unlike long runs because they don't get harder. I suppose, though, they're just as beneficial in that each time one comes around, you're a little more prepared for what lies ahead.

I never really put much stock into those 'getting older' phrases that seem to surround us. I never thought much about the way we (hopefully) collect knowledge as we get older. Thankfully, wisdom is forgiving and allows you to posses it, even in doubt. It really does get better all the time. Or maybe that feeling is age, I don't know. The best thing is, I don't have to. That's what I really feel. The unknown is allowed now and it's not as scary as it once seemed.

I'm not sure what twenty-seven will bring. Sure, I'd like it to include good times, success, family and friends; some new, some old, some running and some beaches. Those are all things I'd like but really, I know I'll get what I need. It may not be a complete success or a complete failure, but appropriately, it will land somewhere in between.


backofpack said...

The last day of 26...that was, um, let's see now, this takes math, um, 22 years ago. My last day of 26 was the first day of 1985. I can't remember what it was like. I wasn't a runner then, I was married (to Eric), we owned a house, but had not yet had children, I was a programmer/analyst, home computers were very rare and I had never heard of the internet. But we were happenin' - we owned a cd player and had a few cd's. Cutting edge...

Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow! I, too am sure that the year will bring surprises, wisdom, happiness, and many other wonderful things. A new year is always good to contemplate, and growing older should always be a celebration!

Neil said...

I'm sure 27 will bring a lot of joy and success.

Sarah Elaine said...

Hey there,

Found you through Craig's blog and I thought I'd stop by to say hello.

First of all, happy 27! It is good to reflect, though not always so useful to judge, I find. (Though I often do that, too.)

In any case, the beginning of a new year is cause for celebration!

I'll stop by again soon...

skinnylittleblonde said...

Oh, of the best ages ever...that and 32, 33! Enjoy!

you have to wear gloves and therefore, have built-in snot and sweat wipers Too funny & how true!

Ugh, I hate the cold weather for you. It's too soon for 28...what do the trick or treaters dress up as...mummies?!

justrun said...

BoP- Wow, CDs! You really were high tech. Thanks for the b-day wishes. :)

Neil- thanks. :)

Sarah- Thanks for the b-day wishes and for stopping by. :)

Skinny- Thank you. :) Trick or treating wouldn't be complete around here without snow, that's for sure. It makes for an entirely different costume when you have to wear your snowsuit underneath.

craig said...

Have a great birthday and a wonderful 27th year.

GirlGoyle said...

Maybe 27 will bring more disposable snot/sweat wipers. LOL. Happy 27!! It really isn't so bad to get older and wiser. Truth be are the age that you think/act/feel you are.

Ginger Breadman said...

So now it's Monday the 23rd . . . hope you're having a great birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Good job finishing those miles over the weekend!

Anonymous said...

HBD! I hope you had a stellar time.

"built-in snot and sweat wipers" LOL very funny!

Anonymous said...

I hope your Birthday was fantastic!!

>>built-in snot and sweat wipers
hmmm.....I'm not sure if I feel like I'm missing out or not.

deepThoughts said...

Hope you are having a great birthday :)

Simply judging by your blog, I can attest that you did 26 very well and am absolutely sure that 27 will be equally wonderful if not better!

Danielle said...

Ah, I LOVED my last day of 26...turning 27 happened somewhere over the Atlantic as I made my way to Rome, via Paris, so yes, I flew to Paris and Rome on my 27th birthday...and my friend and I had wine with two Italian guys just outside of Piazza Novona and then they took us on a scooter ride around the city...ah, the last day of 26/first day of 27...what a great day!!

Sister Buckle said...

I am 27. I like it.
I'm insane, but I dig it.
I think people should celebrate their last day of being a certain age as much as their birthday the next day. Rock on.

Nicole said...

Well, I'm only a year older and I don't know that much has changed since I turned 25 - I think that I get smarter and more mature but then there are those moments where I learn that is not true. I say just enjoy your birthday and life in general.