Wednesday, September 20, 2006

said the boogy said up jump the boogy

They all got together for dinner.

Old friends. New friends. Everyone in between.

Then, they went for dessert.

Some left their cars at the restaurant.

After dessert, some needed a ride back to their cars.

"Ride with my cousin, John," her friend said.

Okay, it's just a mile or so, she thought.

She and John got in the car.

It stunk.

The music was too loud.

The conversation was bland yet completely centered around him.

The ride could not have ended soon enough.

The music was too loud to think.

She finally got back to her car. Finally.

She survived the ride and possibly, avoided a really bad first date with John.

It's okay, it had been too long since she'd listened to Bawitdaba anyway.


Sizzle said...

No! Really? Good God.

Dawn said...

My name is Kiiiiiiiidddd, Kid Rock! (great song!)

justrun said...

Sizzle- Yep. And it's not that I'm opposed to Kid Rock, I'm just opposed to Kid Rock blaring in my ears in a stinky car with a guy I barely know.

Dawn- Looking up those lyrics was strangely nostalgic.

justacoolcat said...

That would make a great movie short. Unfortunatly, not such a great moment to live through.

GirlGoyle said...

Funny how 15 minutes can seem as long as a life time.

Robb said...

Some guys really know how to impress a lady! Wowzers!!

Anonymous said...

Waaaaayyyyy better than the possible date. Spend one night at home watching what you want to watch or reading what you want to read and remember this ride.