Thursday, July 20, 2006


A wicked lightning storm on the Front Range this afternoon prevented me from posting earlier than now. I didn't want the computer -my lifeline to all that I know and love in the internet world- to fry. You understand.

Actually, I'm writing this during the lightning storm and plan on posting later. I'm unplugged and it's all good; I always liked acoustic anyway.

The lightning started just as I was leaving work this afternoon. The first thought that came to mind was "geez, if it's raining I won't be able to run this afternoon" and then I remembered, I CAN'T RUN! It is ridiculously frustrating and annoying. Instead of doing something good for me that I don't feel right without, I get to sit on the couch. Sure, I lift weights and stretch and I think I'll start swimming soon but I really wish I could just go for a good, easy ten miler.

Being one that's unnaturally obsessed with looking for the positive in everything, I'm trying to notice the positive in all this. Let me tell you, there is a lot of it.

For example, you have all kinds of time. You get up in the morning and, huh? what's this? you don't have anywhere to go. That's right, you can just get up, drink some tea and sit. You don't have to find your shoes, or your iPod or grease your beltline in Glide. No, you just get up leisurely and go about your day. On weekends, when you normally do your long run, you don't have to. You can just go to the grocery store or the bank and beat the crowd. Incredible.

Or, to those of you who run later in the day, guess what? You don't have to. Instead, you leave work, drive home, maybe go out to dinner and then stay home. There are no Fartleks, no 800's, nothing. It's just peace and quiet and bad summer television programming. Or if you're like me, you can watch your latest Netflix choice the very same day you get it. I know, amazing, right?

And then there's that whole numbers thing. How many miles today? How many minutes? What was that last split? Well, when you're not running you know what happens? YOU DON'T CARE. Oh yes, you read right: you don't care. You don't have any calculations to do, no miles to map out. Nothing. The only numbers that concern you are the time you wake up, maybe the number in the checkbook and, if you're feeling ambitious, the miles per gallon your car is getting. Fabulous. Truly fabulous.

So, in my good-natured, positive thinking way I am enjoying this non-running lifestyle. I am observant. I am more rested.

I am a liar.

Because you know what? No matter what I get out of this non-running life, none of it is better than running. Not getting to the grocery store early. Not drinking my tea first thing in the morning. None of it can replace going for a run. As much as I am trying to appreciate the extra hours I save every week, it will never feel as good as getting my heart rate above 100 (sometimes, 160- ha!) and sweating. There's just no way.

Nothing will replace running for me. And, if I have to, I'll see every doctor in this city until I'm better. No lightning is striking here, folks.


Sizzle said...

i think it is pretty awesome to have something in your life you want that badly. AND it is healthy. most people with that kind of attachment have it with something unhealthy (like bad boyfriends or booze). i really hope you find that doc that can fix you up so you can get out and run your ass off. if that is what puts a smile on your face, you need it!

the tea will be there when you get back from the run. ;)

justrun said...

sizzle- It's mostly healthy, I'm slightly obsessed. :-)
Look at you with the new photo and all.

Sister Buckle said...

What are you going to do with the name of your blog if you stop running??!!

GirlGoyle said...

Wow are a junkie. A running junkie. It's actually pretty cool to be so driven. I'm sitting here wondering what it is that drives me and I can't seem to figure it out. I don't think I'm obsessed with anything. Hum...wait...maybe it's eating. I love food. Though i do like to be active and...
As I reread my comment I come to the conclusion that I have no obsessions cuz I'm a scatterbrain. Scatterbrains can't focus and therefore have no drive. Eh!
Plus running sound complicated. I thought all you had to do was put on sneakers and go. What are you greasing? And doing the splits? And calculating? And if 10 miles is an easy run, what exactly constitutes a long run on the weekends? Complicated I tell you. Complicated. I wouldn't even know where to start....

justrun said...

SB- Not to worry, that's not an option. Besides, I figure all alwas be running from or to something anyway.

GG- Your comment made me laugh.
Glide is a nice product used to prevent uhh, chaffing.
Splits = the time of the first half compared to the last half, or comparison of each mile.
Calculations... there are so many.
I think right now I'm obsessed because I can't do it. By an "easy" 10 miler, what I mean is at an easy pace. Long runs can be 16, 18, 20 or much more (for those crazier than I).
By the way, I adore food!

justacoolcat said...

I can't believe your specialized isn't eating up all your extra time. It's just out of practice.

"grease your beltline in Glide"

Not being a runner I don't understand that line, but for some reason I feel like telling people to do it. As is, "oh yeah? Well go grease your beltline in Glide."

deepThoughts said...

It's so great to see your passion for running. I can bet that this passion more than any doctor in the world will make sure you get back to running real soon!

In the meantime, live life the way we lesser mortals do ;)

Runner Girl FL said...

I was reading that thinking....That might be nice...I don't think I could do that but that might be nice. Then you admitted you are a lier. Good, I was worried for a minute. Besides if I didn't have all those numbers in my head they would be replaced with silly other numbers.

Robb said...

Maybe if you attached your ipod to a kite out there in the lightning...and held on tight you might not need to see any more doctors.

Seriously, I hope things improve and you get back out there!