Monday, July 17, 2006

It's a sacrifice working day to day

I am so lucky. I don't have the "I don't want to go to work" days that I once had. Don't get me wrong, I do have the "I don't want to work" days, I just never dread my job.

I've had some crappy jobs with some crappy people. There have been times that I felt one more day at that job would cause my brain to start eating itself just for something to do. Thank goodness, those days don't happen now.

Instead, I get to work hard, figure stuff out and sometimes, on a really good day, I actually feel like I might be smart. I work with, quite honestly, some of the best people I've ever known and likely, the smartest people that will ever put up with me. They don't even mind when I sit really close hoping that some of smart will rub off on me. It's great. It doesn't come without a price though. Today, the cost was leaving for work at 5:30 a.m. and getting home at 6:00. P.M. No lunch. Uber-technological emergency type work. Scary, eh?

I made a comment on Sizzle's post today about working hard. It's only after my day came to an end that I realize how much I really believe the comment. I said something like "I know how you feel. If you get to work hard, it makes the times when you get to play that much better."

Work hard, play harder. My new motto for twelve hour days.

Title courtesy of Donna Summer.
I also like the part where it says "But it's worth it all, just to hear them say they care."


GirlGoyle said...

Having a job that you don't dread every morning makes a whole lot of difference in life. I know this for a fact...every morning the alarm goes off and my mouth automatically releases a four letter word. Work hard and play harder is definitely a good moto.

Runner Girl FL said...

I'm in!! Playing harder is the best feeling knowing your worked hard to get there!!

justacoolcat said...

"Work hard, play harder" has always been my motto, but I like your old motto too "Work hard, relax harder"

Ginger Breadman said...

Okay, I'm just jealous of the idea of a job. I chose not to work right now, and it works for us, but some days it'd be so nice to have somewhere to go, and feel like you have a purpose.

Sizzle said...

great motto!

and i am hoping i land a job where i feel like you do. that's great. :)

Sister Buckle said...

Don't forget 'sleep harder'. An integral part of that particular cycle ;) It's a tripod between those three.

I think if your people are working that hard the least your bosses could do is get some very cute Phiz-Ed student to go get you lunch and feed it to you while you keep typing.

Bre said...

Play Hard! Play Hard!


(that was my best impression of my reckless youth)

deepThoughts said...

I'm on board :)

I've been very lucky to have my very first job be one that is perfect, and can't imagine waking up dreading to go to work