Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Windshield on the World, Part 3

While I was in Carolina a few weeks ago, there was one thing I wanted to do other than visit the most wonderful baby ever born.
I wanted to drive to the first beach I ever visited as a kid.
Myrtle Beach.

I left early in the morning. I hadn't been for probably twenty years, so I was excited to see if it was the same as I remembered it.
The fog was awful but I had faith.
As I finally approached the pavilion, I knew some things hadn't changed.

Well, some things had changed. There were about three times as many mini-golf courses. But that's okay, because for every one of those there was also a pancake house. Nothing says family vacation like beach, mini golf and pancakes. Every day.

I could smell the ocean, I knew I wasn't far.

And finally, I was there. I parked immediately, jumped out of the car, took off my shoes and walked through the sand and looked out into the horizon. This was the first beach I ever visited. This was the same place I stood the first time I ever saw the ocean, the first time I ever heard waves. The buildings were taller and the rent more expensive but it was still the same.

The seagulls, the water, the way the morning sun reflected off the water, all burned into my mind. No, it's not the most beautiful or the most exotic beach. It's not the trendiest or the most attractive. But it was the first and that, it will always be.


Ginger Breadman said...

Well-written. I love the beach and everything about it. Your post brings back great memories.

GirlGoyle said...

That picture reminds me of the beaches of Maine with all the sea grass. Odd - sea grass only seems to be something I've only seen on beaches of this hemisphere. First time I saw the sea...good thoughts, good times.

Runner Girl FL said...

Beach is Beach!! They are all beautiful!! The sounds the sun the smell all of it.

Sizzle said...

how awesome to know where it was that you first saw the ocean. i don't remember my first ocean sighting. sounds like a great trip down memory lane. :)

justacoolcat said...

I love the ocean smell and all of the memories that arrive with it.

jackt said...

I really love the ocean. One day I will try to live near it so I can enjoy it every day.