Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Oh, one of THOSE people

Update: After re-reading, I think this post sounds a little ranty. I really found the guy's comment humorous more than anything. In fact, when I walk by him in the hallway now, I act like I'm about to run, just to see what he'll do.

Big Coworker Guy: So, you work out a lot?

Me: Yeah, I guess.

BCG: Do you like it?

Me: Yeah, I do. Most the time, anyway.

BCG: So would you say you'd rather work out than do anything else?

Me: Well, not anything. But probably most things.

BCG: Geez, you really know how to piss fat people off, don't you?

Here's the thing, I get grouchy if I don't work out. It's not like I'm some 5% bodyfat, protein powder obsessed, feel the burn kind of girl, I just have to do something almost every day to feel good.

I wasn't always like this, though. I could get by on one or two workouts a week, sometimes none at all and feel fine. But that was before a lot of things were working against me. Stress, full-time work and age are unforgiving. Soon, a walk around the block or a day at the beach doesn't have the amazing effects it used to on calorie burn. I realized I could no longer just stay in shape by walking around my college campus. So I run. And bike when I can. And do some weight training a couple times a week. And, if possible, go to yoga. They all kick my ass and they all make me a happier person.

It's hard for me now to imagine getting through life without being able to go for a run. When I'm trying to write or figure something out at work and it's just not happening, I go for a run. Almost immediately, the thoughts start flowing. When I can't seem to make a decision, I try a tempo run. Everything starts making better sense when your heart rate hits 160. I don't think I would have survived the Winter break-up of 2004 without my treadmill. I had to replace the belt on that one.

So, no, when I work out I'm not trying to irritate anyone. It's not because I'm showing off, it's because I'm being selfish. I don't do other things well if I don't run or do things that will help me run better. It is about me but I'm not trying to piss you off. In fact, when I tell you I need to go for a run before I talk to you or deal with something, pissing you off is exactly what I'm trying to avoid.


Sizzle said...

i would venture to guess that the big guy was just dealing with some internalized oppression that had nothing to do with you. i think it is great that you KNOW that exercise makes you a happier person. if that could just click for me, i'd be an exercise nut i bet. good for you for figuring out what works. keep it up!

GirlGoyle said...

BCG could use a run himself it seems. Why do people like to commisarate themselves? I work out cuz I sort of have to in order to stay in shape. Though I should work out more than I do (especially lately) it seems that things always come up. There are only so many hours in a day. I just wish i could get that addicted to working out so that when given the choice of "hey - wanna go grab a beer?" I could reply "heh...sure but after my run." Doesn't work like that. :) More power to you!

jackt said...

My wife's the same way. She was actually on call all weekend (she's a doctor), so she was draggin' a** yesterday at work from being up all wknd. She gets home yesterday and declares herself exhausted. Then she grabs her stuff to go to the gym! She said it's because she'll feel even worse if she doesn't. I suggested trying sleep as a remedy but she wasn't buying it.

Runner Girl FL said...

BCG sounds like a creep!! He brought it up! It's bad enough that supportive people don't get it but try.

"We have to go to a later movie so you can run?"

"yes movies run at night...I can't"

No one needs to be given crap for doing something that they like that is bettering them too. The guy is obviously jealous!!

Ginger Breadman said...

I like what you said about all the exercise kicking your ass. It's humbling, in a way. You know how stong and tough you are, and then to go do a workout and feel how challenging something is, then be a better person for it both physically and emotionally.

justacoolcat said...

You can get your heart rate to 160? Holy sheeeet. My Hero. I have a hard time keeping mine over 140.

I can relate about "doing something" everyday and stress.

Sister Buckle said...

I wish I could run :(

Yes, sometimes it is a huge compensation to say I have magnificent breasts, but my days of even running for the bus are over.

Either that or I could just go and get some really heavy duty gaffer tape and stick them down. There just isn't a sports bra in existence that can handle this rack.

The novelty of large breasts tends to wear off when it seems like you were born with them.

Joe said...

> I get grouchy if I don't work out...I just
> have to do something almost every
> day to feel good.

Me too! My wife told me the other day that the best thing about me taking up running and swimming is that I'm rarely grouchy anymore.

Bre said...

Good for you for doing something that makes you feel good.. I agree with Sizz - BCG sounds like he's trying to figure out something wrong with you that explains why you are in such good shape and he is not.

justrun said...

Sizz- It's either that or margaritas and my ass nor my head can handle that daily. :-)

GG- It doesn't always work... but now people say "you're grumpy, please go run." Or is it "you're grumpy, go away?" Hmmm.

JackT- Your wife is probably way tougher than me. I like sleep, too.

RGF- Absolutely. Has to be a priority for you often enough that it's not a surprise to others.

Ginger- You're completely right. Nothing puts me in check like a long run. No ego after that.

Coolcat- Not always and not for long, but yeah, sometimes a good tempo run will do it. My resting HR is usually about 60.

SB- I understand, believe me.

Joe- Yes, it's a really important bonus to all the obsession. Especially to those who love us.

Bre- Like, totally. What a downer, eh?

Neil said...

That was a weird exchange. Why would anyone care what you do? What does it have to do with him? Would he ask you those questions if you were an amateur juggler and enjoyed doing that?

Caroline said...

your co-worker should use you as motivation!

justrun said...

Neil- I don't know. Though I do wish I could juggle, that's for sure.

Caroline- I think he likes being mad better.