Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Purpose Of The Past

"You know what I always liked about you?"

"What's that?"

"That I could count on you in any situation. I could bring you anywhere and introduce you to anyone and I knew you could handle yourself."


"I knew I didn't have to worry about you saying or doing something that would compromise me or embarrass me. I never worried."

He called me. A blast from the past. Except less blast. I'm not sure why he called, really. He used the excuse of "just wanted to say hi" but that just seems fake. Does anyone seriously just want to say hi? I don't. If I'm curious, I'm curious. Just say it.

But no. Instead we talk for twenty minutes about nothing only for the conversation to lead to us. What once was. Apparently, there are things he misses. Things that he liked. I can't say I'm completely shocked, there are things I miss too. So I reminded him.

"That's good. But that wasn't all there was to it, you know?"

"Yeah, I know. But it was just so easy, wasn't it?"

"What? Bringing me places?"

"Just going places together. I didn't have to hold your hand... you know I'm not a hand-holder."

"I know." And then it hit me. "You're having a problem with someone you're dating, aren't you?"


"Well nothing. You're dating a girl who you makes you worry about being embarrassed or humiliated by something she says. You're afraid you can't leave her to her own devices for fear of your own ego."

"Woah, that's harsh."

"Yeah, but is it true?"

"It's just different, you know?"

"Yeah, I do know. Listen, you have to tell her. Telling me is doing nothing but annoying me. And if I remember right, this is not a new problem. You never confront the person you're having the problem with. You always go elsewhere."


"Think about it."

So we spent the next ten minutes in a telephone counseling session going over it before saying goodbye.

"You were always right," he said.

"Not always."

"Well you were always right about me."

Some things happen to take you back and remind you of what once was. Some things happen to simply serve as a reminder of just how far you've come.


justacoolcat said...

Very nice summary. It's always awkward to get that call from the past. You handled it much better than I would have.

Runner Girl FL said...

It's funny you are always sad when there is a breakup and then after a while you talk to the ex- and you relize that maybe it's not so bad that he's gone. hehehe

Sizzle said...

holy crap did i need to read this post. (lught bulb!)

good for you for your clarity.

Bre said...

It's never easy is it? My best friend, Matt, is forever asking me advice about similar situations, and I can say all the right things to him but he never takes that and says all the right things to whoever he has the problem with. You're absolutely right - I need to point some things out to him!

G-Man said...

I like people who get to the point, especially when doing otherwise is a waste of valuable life. This is an excellent post.

justrun said...

coolcat- yeah, just call me Little Miss Highroad.

RGF- I do love that realization.

Sizz- Light bulb, indeed. Been there.

Bre- yeah, talk to that boy! Don't let him continue to do this till he's 30!

g-man- Certain times it's easier than others.

Sister Buckle said...

I'm SO over counselling people on the phone. I've been in quite high-demand lately, and my head's starting to hurt. But your succinctness does indeed betray the characteristics of "the woman asked about shit once too often".

Power to the JustRun!

GirlGoyle said...

And some things happen to remind you why what was is no longer. I like how you handled yourself and told it how it is. He needs to nut-up and handle things directly. Why do people just love to play head games? Just tell it how it is and stop waisting valuable time as G-Man here points out.

Neil said...

Wow, you had that guy's number straight up!