Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Everything You Didn't Want to Know (Alternately titled: Don't watch movies about math, drink margaritas and then sit down at the computer)

I watched a movie about math. Well, it was about math and mathematicians. It sort of reminded me of work because they kept talking about how you may not be able to prove something works but sometimes, if you spend the valuable years of your youth at a desk with a pencil and paper, you can prove that it doesn't not work. Doesn't. Not work. Double negatives, blech!

This reminds me of work because often times, in programming and coding and blah blah blah (because I know that's what most people hear when those words are read) there are double negatives all over the place. Not null. Not inactive. "Logic" they say, but it's not logic. Unless, of course, the meaning of logic is actually the opposite of everything you've ever known as logical then yes, it's logic. If you think that's confusing, get this: programming has languages within languages. Styles within styles. Dialects within dialects. That means that every little wild-eyed computer geek can pretty much write code anyway she or he wants to as long as it makes sense to them and spits out the same crap at the end. [Sidebar Disclaimer: By crap I don't really mean crap. I heart programmers.]

For instance, that little button that says "Publish Post" might be obviously called Publish Post to you. You would be logical to think that was it's name. Wrong-O! Remember what I said about logic. Instead of Publish Post, it could actually be called something like "xN11" or "c55" or "Paul." Seriously. To make matters worse, the programmer can then choose her or his own abbreviation for these "names" in order to make it something she or he can remember as they go on to write the "Dynamic Whatever of the Century" or, you know, do their day to day job.

So yeah, this movie about math really got me thinking. About work. While I'm at home. Hate that. Originally, I sat down and read a few other people's blogs and started having deep thoughts and wanted to write about how the world doesn't add up and how we can or cannot prove certain things and how math theory has never been my strong point. Clearly, I did not accomplish this.

But maybe I accomplished something more. I once again proved two things to myself: 1) Work may be confusing but it is SO not boring. 2) Blogging will make it better.

Alternate, alternate title: I really don't know crap about this but most of you either don't know the difference anyway or I lost you at the second paragraph.


GirlGoyle said...

I think I'm going to agree with your title...LOL. Tho I did find the post amusing for some reason. The weekend is here!! No work for Good Friday - yaaay! So...have a great one and don't think about work. :)

Bre said...

I promise, I won't ever watch movies about math... don't you worry about me!

I didn't understand half of that post, but it did make me laugh :)

Runner Girl FL said...

Programming in C to solve equations that are not directly solvable and then use the information to do complicated ugly integrals in a Math friendly programming language (like Maple) and then use the results in your Masters Thesis is always a good way to make your brain hurt. :) That is why I decided not to do the Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics.

No really that is one of the reasons.

What Movie?

JustRun said...

GG- I don't know which title you mean but I have to assume it was the actual title in which I can only say, I told you so.
Have a good weekend!

Bre- I know, I know. I'm considering sending the post to the friend that peer pressured me into the margs. But it really didn't take a lot of arm twisting so I guess I only have me to blame.

runner girl- The movie was 'Proof'. There were a couple Theoretical Physics jokes in there, too. I laughed but probably only because I didn't know better.

justacoolcat said...

I can say one thing, many of those programmer issues can be cleared up with one ass whooping software engineer that creates conventions and demands they be followed,or fingers get cut off. Programmers love their fingers.

Not that I wouldn't be not against inactivating their boolean state of employment existance.