Sunday, March 19, 2006

Heavy Heart

I woke up this morning and checked a few blogs. I learned that the husband of a fellow blogger passed away on Friday night. He [and really, they] had been fighting the battle against Acute lymphocytic leukemia for quite some time. He'd recently come into remission and they were anticipating a life without cancer. Then, it returned. That was about a week ago. Now, he's gone.

I don't want to link to their site, it's not the right time for a parade, small as it may be.

Rather, I want to say how angry I am. How many people does this have to kill? How many people have to lose their child, their fathers, the love of their lives to something that our President wants to cut spending on? How many?

I have no words of consolation. I have no way of expressing how I feel. I have no right, either.

This is why I don't rest in this fight. There's just too much to ignore.

Maybe you'd consider getting involved in the fight against cancer in your own community:

Relay for Life

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Talk to Your Legislators

Join the Team In Training

Tell Congress NO to cutting cancer research dollars

Maybe even donate here or here.

I understand people don't always see this disease this way. Maybe you haven't been affected by it. Maybe you have but you don't want to hear about it. This post is not about that. It's not about yellow bracelets or flashy fund-raisers. It's not about the t-shirt I got at the race or the picture with the celebrity spokes-people.

It's about staggering mortality rates. It's about research. It's about a cure.

The people fighting cancer don't get a break. They don't get vacations or happy hours or lazy Sunday afternoons. Cancer doesn't rest. I can't either.


deepThoughts said...

Thanks for that inspiring post. I just sent the letter to congress and that felt good. It's outrageous that we are cutting spending on health care and research and increasing spending on War - both leading to a bleak future.

You are right most people don't think about cancer unless someone they love gets affected. I did when my dad got cancer.

Love and prayers for the fellow blogger. I can't imagine what she must be going through.

Bre said...

It really is petrifying that I can easily name at least 4 loved ones I've lost to cancer and at least 3 people in my life who are currently battling it.

There must be a point when we say "enough is enough" and stop just quietly accepting it.

GirlGoyle said...

I'm at loss for words but just wanted to let you know that despite that (the loss of words - which is rare) I agree with you. Life is but a collection of fleeting moments.

justrun said...

You are all right. Thanks for hearing my little voice and sharing part of your story.

Neil said...

"...Maybe you haven't been affected by it."

I only wish that statement was true. I think it would be hard to find anyone who doesn't have a friend or family member that is affected by cancer.

justrun said...

Nearly impossible, Neil.

Runner Girl FL said...

I found your blog via the blog you commented about. I lost my closest friend to Leukemia in January and appreciate you getting out the word. I can't yet run a marathon but I have completed a local 5k for the benefit of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and will work up to the team in training level in time. Thank you for being proactive. Keep spreading the word.