Monday, January 23, 2006

Spice, Ice and Everything Nice

Sometimes, I'm just lucky. There's no reason for it. There's no decent explanation. It's just a fact. I did nothing and I got lucky (um, not that kind of lucky).

Last Friday, my phone rang on the way home from work and I was invited to "not have plans on Saturday." That's it. That's all I got to know. Make no plans for Saturday and be up and ready by 8:00 a.m. Yeah, maybe a little early but hopelfully worth it?!?

So up and ready at 7:30 a.m., I was. Which, obsessive as I am, gave me time to vacuum, clean the bathroom and empty the dishwasher. Ninety minutes of cleaning packed into 25. I guess you could say I was a little pumped about my surprise day.

At 8:01 a.m., my doorbell rings and [since I'm standing right in front of it waiting for said ring] I run to answer it.


"Yes, where are we going?"


Breakfast? Hmmm... maybe it's some new, exotic, wonderful breakfast mystery that I've never heard of? Maybe it's a homemade breakfast? Maybe it's just IHOP (please, Lord, no).

So a 20 minute car ride later, I'm getting antsy. "OK, where are we going? I have to know where we're going."

"Surprise. Just wait."

Grrr. About 25 minutes after that, we arrive in a town just north of home at a small little cafe I've never seen. I'm excited but still a little confused as to why we had to drive 45 minutes to breakfast. Can it be that good?

Well, let me tell you, it was some gooooood eatin'. I hate to use words like that but when omelets taste so good you swear all the ingredients must have fallen from heaven together because there's no way a human could concoct this, that there is gooooood eatin'. After breakfast I slowly came out of my coma and thanked this dear person for taking me to this place. Who knew heaven was a 45 minute trip from home?

"I have something else."

"Really?" I am shocked. Don't you know food is enough for me?

"Yes. Here, what do you think of these?"

Woah, this person is really trying to get to me. Right then, in my hot little hands, were tickets to a hockey game. Not just any little game, but a game that happens to match a couple pretty good rivals (more so in years past, but the popularity hasn't changed). Tickets are hard to come by, to say the least.

"Ha!" I exclaim. And I hardly ever exclaim. "Is this serious?"

"Yep. Ready to go?"

Am I?? If being ready means that you've just had the greatest surprise of the year and possibly the best breakfast ever and you're jumping out of your seat and into the car in one bound, then yes, I'm ready.

Off we went to the game. It was tons of fun, loud fans around us, beer just after noon and the home team lost. The perfection of the day could be dimmed by nothing.

On the ride home I just had to ask, "How did you get those tickets? Did you have to sell something? Bribe somebody? What?"

"Just had them laying around."

Yeah, right. I guess I may never know. Though I'm guessing there could be a very bummed best friend out there somewhere that is now "owed big" by someone.

I felt bad for just a minute. Then again, maybe it was just my lucky day.

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