Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Breakfast Bonding

This morning, over thirty people who sit in semi-dark cubes for 8-10 hours per day came together. Jokes were told, pictures of kids were shared, and bacon was eaten. It was breakfast potluck day in our little corner of the IT world.

I've said it before; this is a fantastic job. There are good people here with amazing talents and fantastic personalities. But the nature of our beast is not social. It's functional. We stare at computers. We speak in odd languages. We make things work. But this morning was different. This morning, we were like real, human people. There was barely a trace of the dazed, code-spitting monsters we often turn into come midweek. It was like a little breakfast miracle.

We laughed. We cried. We ate our weight in breakfast burritos.


justacoolcat said...


It's always a miracle when IT can socialize, besides the Nick Burns the computer guy (from SNL) way.

Bre said...

ack! code-spitting monsters!

you all are from that other world that I don't comprehend. In my world we sit around, swap horror stories, and comfiscate beer to consume.

Neil said...

Hopefully, that comraderie will continue when you all go back into your cubicles. It makes work so much more enjoyable.